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Oil, Lube & Filters

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Want to keep your vehicle's engine running at peak performance and maximum fuel efficiency? Let City Tire change your engine's oil, lubricate the chassis and replace the oil filters, air filters, and cabin filters. Regular oil changes are vital to the long-term life of your vehicle's engine. Check your vehicle's owner's manual for the suggested service interval or follow the "3,000 miles or three months" rule of thumb.

Here's what City Tire stores offer:

  • Oil Change

    Maintain a regular oil change routine to keep your engine humming. / Includes new oil filter, up to 5 quarts of quality motor oil, chassis lubrication, 4 tire rotation, check most fluids and preventive maintenance analysis.

  • Air Filter Change

    Make sure your engine's breathing clean air. Regular replacement of your vehicle's air filter helps prevent damage to your vehicle's engine. / Includes replacement of the air filter with a suitable replacement.

  • Cabin Filter Change

    Cabin filters help protect you and your passengers from dust, pollen and smog. / Includes replacement of the cabin filter with a suitable replacement.

  • Fuel Filter Change

    Your vehicle's engine thrives on clean fuel. Fuel filters help prevent particles in the fuel from entering the the engine and causing damage to carburetors and fuel injection systems. / Includes replacement of the fuel filter with a suitable replacement.

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